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31things: Favorite year-end donations/charities

Inspired by my attempt last December and from my friend Stephanie, I’m going to try blogging each day in December — holiday themes, of course! I’m calling it “31things.” Click here for more details. Read below for today’s post.

If you know me, you know this answer is pretty easy! Though, over the past several years, I’ve added another charity to year-end thoughts.

I spend much of my life volunteering with the American Cancer Society, as you might know. So it goes without saying that I hope everybody can find a few dollars to offer toward patient services and research because too many people and their families are suffering from the effects of cancer.

But, I’ve added the Toys for Tots program to my list of nonprofits I think of at this time of year. Thanks to my good pals Mike and Bob at Pittsburgh’s 96.1 Kiss FM, I’ve realized something I’ve always known — every kid deserves a gift at Christmas.

The economy sucks, it really doesn’t seem to be getting better and more people are suffering. Lost in that shuffle are kids, whose parents are doing everything they can just to pay for food and rent. Mike and Bob and the fine folks at Clear Channel Pittsburgh have, for eight years now, hosted Stuff-A-Bus — a weeklong event geared at raising awareness, money and donations for the Pittsburgh area Marines Toys for Tots program.

Their efforts prompted me to write a story last year for the Trib’s community newspapers and to suggest that for this December, my newspaper, the Sewickley Herald, take on the Beaver County Toys for Tots program for our annual holiday project. The Beaver County chapter does not reap the benefits of the 96.1 FM Stuff-A-Bus event.

Please read my story and consider donating to the Beaver County Toys for Tots or your local chapter because no child should wonder why Santa skipped their house.