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Erie unseated as snowiest U.S. city … for now

As of earlier this evening, all that separates the top two snowiest cities is about 5 inches.

But earlier today, Worcester, Mass., unseated Erie as the snowiest city (of at least 100,000 people), according to

Worcester also is the first city to hit 90 inches of snow this year, the site says.

But there’s still time, and we all know that it doesn’t stop snowing in Erie until at least mid-April.

Erie weekend to-do list

I’m flying solo this weekend to Erie. But that won’t stop me from making the most of it. My goal is to do as many of the following:

  • Go to an Erie SeaWolves game
  • Eat at Barbato’s
  • Hang out at a Presque Isle beach
  • Visit Dobbins Landing
  • Eat and drink at the Plymouth
  • Buy a copy of the Erie Times-News
  • Visit Millcreek Mall
  • Walk through Waldameer Park
  • Go mini-golfing at Harborview
  • Go to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center
  • Shop at Wegmans
  • Eat at Sara’s
There’s so much to do!

There’s no place like Erie and there’s nothing like great friends

I had a chance to get to Erie this past weekend. For those who know me, you know that I love Erie and everything it has to offer. There is no better place in the world.

I always have fun in Erie, and this weekend was no exception. My 24-hour visit included a SeaWolves game, Sara’s, Wegmans and a friend’s baby’s first birthday party. There never is enough time to experience all of Erie.

I traveled with a good friend of mine who is, for the most part, unfamiliar with Erie. So it’s always great to introduce somebody else to all of what Erie has to offer. He had been with me and another friend in February when we went to an Otters game.

After living there for awhile and going there each summer as a child, I’ve grown to love and respect the lake town. I’ve always said that Erie has EVERYTHING a big city has, just on a smaller scale. I’ve never found a town with more things to do in all four seasons than I have in Erie.

The great thing about Erie — and probably why it continues to shine — is that the city and county don’t need anything big or sparkly or attractive or commercialized to get people to visit. The beaches, the great sports teams, the history, the food, the shopping, the wineries — what the heck else do you need to have a great time?

What I found most unexpected in this trip was the quality time my friend and I were able to spend together. The car ride to and from Erie offered a lot of time to talk about stuff we’ve never been able to for an extended period of time — or, for that matter, in person. And the hotel night also was fun as we watched TV until about 4 a.m.

While the SeaWolves game on Saturday was a bit chilly, it still was a good time. The SeaWolves lost to Altoona, though. But it still provided a great time filled with lots of entertainment. Summer games are better than early season games, but I can never get to enough SeaWolves games!

Seeing a few great friends of college helped to make the weekend even better. They’re two of my best pals from college and I rarely see them. It was fun to blend old and new friends.

Trips to Erie always are too short. After living there for a bit, I hate feeling like a visitor in a city I love so dearly.

One of these days, I’ll get there for an extended trip like I did a few summers ago. There’s so much to experience in Erie!

It’s winter. It snows.

Fact: It snows in winter.

Fact: It snows in western Pennsylvania.

So why do so many people continue bitching and moaning and acting like it’s just the end of the world because of snow falling from the sky?

News flash: It snows in western Pennsylvania in winter. Deal.

When the snow started following Monday, this is what my Twitter feed looked like:


Look at how stupid all of sound who bitched about the snow. Is your life so important that you can’t deal with a little snow?

Anywhere between 7 inches and 9 inches appear to have fallen. That’s nothing for other regions in the country in a similar time period.

And then the roads… first, let’s look at some of the issues with a level-headed process:

  • Snow plows: PennDOT and other road crews couldn’t clear roads or salt because so many drivers had clogged roadways. Think about what a snow plow looks like going down the road. The driver is cruising along clearing snow. Now think about how a snow plow driver could have done that yesterday?
  • Speeds: Driving along a snow-covered road at anything under 20 mph is unsafe. Driving a long a snow-covered roadway going above the maximum speed always is illegal and wrong. But let’s focus for a moment on drivers who think it’s OK to go under 20 mph. Why? You’re on I-79 and you’re going 10 mph? Get the hell out of my way. You go slow and you’re going to get stuck!
  • Going up a hill: If you go up a hill at anything under 20 mph, you’re going to get stuck, spin out and/or slide back down the hill. You’re also going to cause more wrecks. Go up the hill as fast as you can so not to get stuck. Trust me.

Look. I drive an old rust bucket. I don’t drive some vehicle with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. I don’t have a Hummer or some honkin’ SUV. I drive an old Chevy Cavalier that if I told you how old it actually is, you’d laugh at me.

My tires aren’t the best (they’re also not the worst). I tell you this so you don’t think I am one of those drivers who thinks that because I have four-wheel drive that the snow doesn’t affect me.

I’m telling you what I drive so you understand that I’m not some cocky ass on the road in a snowstorm. When I was able to cruise along by myself on I-79, I was going no more than 35 mph and no less than 20 mph.

When I was going up hills, I gunned that sucker.

But what I was dealt with were drivers who freaked out, panicked and otherwise lost any amount of common sense they had. Rather than calm down and take each move one step at a time, all I saw were people who had no clue what to do on the roads.

I guess your iPhone and Twitter can’t help you in every situation, eh?

Twitter and Facebook don’t help, either. Both of those sites help increase the hype surrounding a snowfall. People tweet and pass on information with false messages.

I heard a few people say that they were shocked at the amount of snow since meteorologists didn’t forecast that much. So what? SCIENCE IS FLUID. IT ALWAYS CHANGES!!! A forecast isn’t a legal contract. It is a prediction. If a meteorologist says it might snow, then plan for snow. If it snows, then it snows. If it doesn’t snow, then it doesn’t snow. Move on.

It boggles my mind how people freak over snow. Why? What does it solve to act like a complete fool on the roads? Why panic when a flake flies?

Instead of panicking, learn to drive in it. You can’t push a button and turn it off, so you deal with it, like you do everything else life throws your way.

I really wonder what everybody would act like if we truly had a catastrophe. I fear for the future of our civilization if we can’t even deal with a little bit of snow.

It’s winter. It snows.