There’s no place like Erie and there’s nothing like great friends

I had a chance to get to Erie this past weekend. For those who know me, you know that I love Erie and everything it has to offer. There is no better place in the world.

I always have fun in Erie, and this weekend was no exception. My 24-hour visit included a SeaWolves game, Sara’s, Wegmans and a friend’s baby’s first birthday party. There never is enough time to experience all of Erie.

I traveled with a good friend of mine who is, for the most part, unfamiliar with Erie. So it’s always great to introduce somebody else to all of what Erie has to offer. He had been with me and another friend in February when we went to an Otters game.

After living there for awhile and going there each summer as a child, I’ve grown to love and respect the lake town. I’ve always said that Erie has EVERYTHING a big city has, just on a smaller scale. I’ve never found a town with more things to do in all four seasons than I have in Erie.

The great thing about Erie — and probably why it continues to shine — is that the city and county don’t need anything big or sparkly or attractive or commercialized to get people to visit. The beaches, the great sports teams, the history, the food, the shopping, the wineries — what the heck else do you need to have a great time?

What I found most unexpected in this trip was the quality time my friend and I were able to spend together. The car ride to and from Erie offered a lot of time to talk about stuff we’ve never been able to for an extended period of time — or, for that matter, in person. And the hotel night also was fun as we watched TV until about 4 a.m.

While the SeaWolves game on Saturday was a bit chilly, it still was a good time. The SeaWolves lost to Altoona, though. But it still provided a great time filled with lots of entertainment. Summer games are better than early season games, but I can never get to enough SeaWolves games!

Seeing a few great friends of college helped to make the weekend even better. They’re two of my best pals from college and I rarely see them. It was fun to blend old and new friends.

Trips to Erie always are too short. After living there for a bit, I hate feeling like a visitor in a city I love so dearly.

One of these days, I’ll get there for an extended trip like I did a few summers ago. There’s so much to experience in Erie!