Remembering B94 [10/05/07]

B94 v2.0 would have turned three years old today.

I remember everything about that afternoon, and still listen to the station’s awesome introduction.

At 4:50 p.m. Friday, I slipped slipped out of the office and into the car. For the next 10 minutes, it was nothing but a nervous reaction, listening to “Last Christmas.”

Would it B? Or would it not B? That was the question.

Slowly, the Christmas carols stopped and a buzzing noise was heard. Then, an introduction to the new station began by describing what the channel has been, beginning in 1981.

And then, yinzers… a voice proudly announced that, after three years away…B94 is back!!!!!!!!!!

I had tears. Kid you not.

A little piece of me died in 2004 when B94 stopped buzzing. Hell, when it became BZZ and all that crap, a lot of me died.

And, within a few minutes… 93.7 brought “sexy back” to Pittsburgh.

Everyone who has ever lived in Pittsburgh knows what B94 is. Everyone in Pittsburgh can sing “John, Dave, Bubba and Shelly, John, Dave, Bubba and Shelly.”

The voice of B94 proudly said, “Pittsburgh, please welcome home your B94!”

But B94 is gone, taken away by corporate giants.

I’ll always hold a special place for B94 and everybody who made it a success.