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Finally tasted Five Guys

There’s something very high school-ish about the name of popular fast food burger joint, Five Guys.

Any time somebody enters the place, I find tweets exclaiming, “I’ve got Five Guys in my mouth!” or something similar.

There are (to my knowledge) at least three local Five Guys establishments. Rumor has it, at least one more is on the way.

I’d never been to Five Guys until recently.

Based on my experience, the place doesn’t deserve the hype it gets. Take away the fun name and you’re left with a burger and fries that, at least on my first visit, don’t make the list of Top 10 greatest burgers ever eaten.

Was it bad? No.

But there generally was no ‘wow’ factor to the meal.

I also was amazed at how expensive the meal was. For $11 and some change, I got a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a drink. That seemed a bit expensive for a fast food joint, especially if you compare the size and quality of the burger to one at another restaurant.

The restaurant is mostly stark white — as in, emergency room, hospital white. The few wall hangings include good press from newspapers and other media outlets from across the nation.

On the Saturday I visited, I must have hit the lunch rush as there were few empty tables. Though, by the end of my time there, most customers had cleared out, leaving the place mainly empty.

Five Guys didn’t earn a strike on my “Three Strikes” list — it’s what it sounds like, “three strikes and you’re out.” A restaurant has to earn three strikes (each from a different visit) before I decide to never go there again. Only two restaurants have struck out — Applebee’s and Smokey Bones.

I’d certainly visit again. But Five Guys is not a place I’d drive out of my way to visit or even suggest to friends, especially with a multitude of other, much better, options nearby.