Remembering Boo

Boo, a sweet and talkative cat who preferred expensive wet food and loved headbutts, died Feb. 10, 2023, after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She was 14.

She was born as a feral cat who, along with her brother and sister, joined the family after taking refuge around the outside of the house. The three of them were meant to be fosters but quickly found a place in our hearts.

Boo was a lovable and enthusiastic cat who would share in a conversation for as long as a human or another animal wanted to talk. She never turned down an opportunity to talk. Even a simple “Hey, Boo” from upstairs would get her chatting.

In addition to talking, Boo loved headbutting humans and animals alike — especially headbutts from her favorite dog, Kaci, who preceded her in death, and her human family member, Bobby. She would lean in and expect a headbutt. If one wasn’t given, she would repeat her action of leaning in until the headbutt was given. And this process usually involved talking and multiple headbutts.

Fuzzy warm blankets and kitty beds with roofs were favorites of hers. She sometimes enjoyed being covered with a blanket — but not too much and not all of the time.

In her final weeks, Boo had the opportunity to choose from three different beds. She regularly moved between them, making it a fun game of “Where’s Boo?” Though, she would easily give herself away by talking.

Max, left, and Boo, right, share a cat nap on the ottoman.

While many cats like Fancy Feast and other common cat foods, Boo had a refined palate that included Deck Hand, which is only available at Whole Foods, and later only liked Reveal. But she did not like fancy treats.

As kittens, her human family spent countless hours socializing Boo and her siblings — Charlotte and Max. Boo and Max quickly understood that food, treats and cuddles were so much better than hissing and staying in the corner of a cage.

Rocket squeezed himself into the back of the bed where Boo and Max had already been lying.

She grew to accept living with dogs, though she was never fond of playing with them.

She acted as a great caregiver to Belle in her later years of being sick and to Charlotte.

Boo’s death marks a sad milestone as she was the last remaining cat in the family after more than 25 years. And her death came one day shy of five weeks after Rocket’s death.

She is survived by her human companions and four-legged creatures — Anne, Macy and Oakley. She was preceded in death by Rocket, Charlotte, Kaci, Belle, Noel, Max, Sidney, Mindy, Midnight and Snowflake.

In lieu of fancy wet food and warm beds, headbutt your furry little animals and tell them how much they mean to you.