Food trucks, music, fun and more!

This week marks the 21st year since my grandma died. A lot has happened in that time, but my devotion to giving another grandma more time with her grandson — time that I didn’t have with my own — continues.

And, in the 20-plus years since her death, many other friends and loved ones have been affected by cancer either through being diagnosed or being a caregiver.

Your support helps to fund research (some of which is happening in Pittsburgh) and programs offered to cancer patients and families.

So, how can you help?

You can make a donation to fund American Cancer Society cancer research and programs. And I can talk your ear off about the invaluable programs and research.

Relay For Life is my chance to celebrate loved ones who have won and are winning their battle against cancer, remember those no longer with us and fight back against this disease that robs so many of so much.

More than just walking the track, I’m fundraising! Because of YOUR donations, more people:

  • Have the information and tools they need to help reduce their risk of getting cancer or find the disease early, when it’s easiest to treat
  • Have a place to turn for help 24/7
  • Benefit from the progress being made toward finding cancer’s causes and cures
  • Get access to lifesaving screenings and treatment

Please join me in fighting cancer and consider supporting my fundraising efforts by making a donation.

Or, come to the Relay For Life event on July 22 at North Boundary Park! There are plenty of activities going on for people of all ages, including a food truck dinner party!! Here is the full schedule.

Can’t make the food truck dinner party or RFLCranberry? Or, can make it and still want to support research efforts and programs? Please consider a making a $15, $20 or whatever you’d like to offer donation. You can do so here.
Thank you so much for your support. Together, we will finish the fight!