Pepsi Next no more?

To those anti-cola people out there, stop reading this. For everyone else, continue.

In the decades old Cola War, I’m Team Pepsi.

Always have been. Always will be.

Like many Americans, I’ve searched for a pop that offers less calories but a similar taste to that of a regular cola.

In 2012, I found my answer.

Pepsi Next was born, and was touted with less sugar content, fewer calories but with a great cola taste.

And it’s true. Since then, I’ve grabbed for Pepsi Next in the coolers.

But today, when I reached into the Pepsi cooler at the Rite Aid across from where I work, a manager there told me it was the last bottle of my favorite drink. He and another manager placed their orders for Pepsi products, but were told that it had been discontinued.

I wept. I sobbed. I knocked over the Coca-Cola cooler and watched that awful tasting drink flood the floor. Hey, I bet it could clean the floor!

Just kidding — I didn’t do any of that. But I was sad to learn the drink apparently has been discontinued.

I reached out to Pepsi through a customer form trying to get a response. If I hear back, I’ll update.

While searching the site, I discovered Pepsi Next still very much is part of their website, and I found a map telling me where I could find the drink. Though, I’m assuming changes to the map might not be immediate.

I could find no news links detailing the demise of Pepsi Next. I did, however, find a blog post about Pepsi Canada rolling out a new look for Pepsi Next (green labels, not light blue!).

I’d hate to see Pepsi Next be schlepped away from the United States, only to be available in other countries like Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Twist are now.

For years, I’ve wanted Crystal Pepsi to return, but Pepsi Next has replaced the long-gone clear cola.

If Pepsi Next has died in the U.S., this might be the last 20-ounce bottle I ever drink:


Please excuse me as I now run to the grocery stores stockpiling 2-liter bottles.