If you can’t give cash, how about stuff?

As many Facebook friends and Twitter followers know, I’m actively involved with the American Cancer Society. Right now, I’m helping my friend Jodie with the Bark For Life of Cranberry event. It’s planned for May 21.

I’ve asked friends to donate $10 (or more if they could). Consider how much you spent on lunch today and donate that. Or buy two less drinks at the bar tonight. Or one less appetizer at dinner!

But… if you can’t afford to give money, what about stuff?

Part of the event includes raffle baskets filled with all sorts of goodies — Bocktown gift cards, Pittsburgh Zoo passes and so much more! Is there something you could offer up for a raffle basket?

  • Pens, Steelers, Pirates, Power tickets?
  • Theater tickets?
  • T-shirts?
  • Gift cards?
Anything! If so, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to talk with you about how your donation is making a difference, and specifically about the Bark For Life of Cranberry event.

3 thoughts on “If you can’t give cash, how about stuff?

  1. WiredCause

    Simple and effective. Giving “stuff” is a great idea if you can’t afford or for some reason don’t want donate money. I hope the event goes well.

  2. bobbo Post author

    Thanks for your comment, WiredCause!

    I always try to be open about letting people know there are so many different ways to give back! There’s a reason I volunteer so much of my time — I have no money to give! 🙂

  3. WiredCause

    I have a similar blog and I understand that one of the best thing about volunteering is that it’s not all about money. There are so many other ways which can be as effective or even more effective than money.

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