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Bridezilla: A Man’s Perspective

It’s safe to say, most weddings you’ve attended or will attend won’t be as lavish as next week’s royal wedding, where some estimates claim the price tag for Prince William and Catherine Middleton tying the knot could be as high as $64 million.

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The closeted online dater

In this twoday magazine column, I write about how online dating services still have a stigma.

With an estimated 20 million users checking in at least once a month, online dating sites seem as commonplace as updating your Facebook status. It seems everybody knows somebody who’s signed up. And, we’ve all seen the commercials of various dating sites touting their skills at being 21st century matchmakers.

Heck, I’ll even be attending a wedding later this year of a friend who found her soon-to-be husband online. And neither of them seemed shy to say, “Hey, we met online!”

Still, as common as it might seem, finding true love online carries a stigma. Would you admit to having an online matchmaking profile? I sure as hell wouldn’t, even though I do … well, did.

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