It’s just a convenience store.

Why do you eat gas station food?

I’d never eat food from the same place I pump my gas.

They have to pay you for your tweets.

Who would tweet that much about a gas station?

Over the years, I’ve heard some pretty ridiculous statements and have been asked some incredibly short-sighted questions about my love for Sheetz.

If you’re not familiar, Sheetz is a family-run chain of more than 600 convenience stores. The company is based in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and is popular across much of Pennsylvania, including the Pittsburgh region.

I’ve been a Sheetz Freak (as fans are known) for more than 20 years.

The company’s innovative efforts brought touch-screen ordering to customers long before most places would offer it. Their Made To Order (or, MTO) foods consist of sandwiches, appetizers and an array of drinks — including my beloved Sheetz cold brew coffee.

Many stores offer dining rooms where I’ve been known to camp out for hours using Wi-Fi and getting work done. I’ve held volunteer meetings there, met friends there and made friends there.

So, what is it about this convenience store that I love so much?

The people. The fun. The food. The drinks. The attention to detail.

Sheetz prides itself on creating a fun atmosphere for customers and staff. The high-paced environment of convenience stores doesn’t always allow for staff members to be friendly and fast — yet, somehow, Sheetz manages to succeed when other places fail.

Crazy names of products, a fun social media presence and all sorts of other things help me love this place more all of the time.

And, at a time when people are disenfranchised from brands for a number of reasons, Sheetz finds ways to rise above and reel in people with so many great things. (I share similar beliefs about Wegmans, which is the best grocery store ever.)

No, Sheetz doesn’t pay me to obsessively tweet about and gush over the company. In fact, my bank account proves that not only does Sheetz not pay me, but that I probably spend a teeny bit too much at Sheetz.

Yes, I love Sheetz more than I love some people. It’s just the truth.