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Feeling Old (at 28?)

I remember the days when I loved staying out until 4 in the morning or later. Friends and I would go out to a bar or a few and then spend time at somebody’s apartment watching TV, playing board games or just hanging out. And, we’d either crash there or walk home just in time to see the sun rise.

Remember thinking that 8 p.m. was too early to go out?

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Happy birthday, Sidney!

Two years ago today, Sidney was born!

It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago, but I can remember the night in June 2008 my brother brought her home. I got in late and when I walked upstairs, I saw this little mostly white blast of energy come toward me. It was Sidney!

She’s a fun dog. I give her crap about being too much and in your face all the time, but she’s awesome.

Happy birthday!