31 Things

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I asked my friend Stephanie if she knew of any writing prompts with a Christmas theme. So she created 31 things for December!

I’ve listed them below. This is my favorite time of the year, and I would really like to share my love of the holiday season with the few of you who read this. So please feel free to read my blog through December, and use this list.

As each is posted, I will cross them off the list.

My close personal friend Bobby asked me about writing prompts for the holidays. I told him I’d come up with some. Feel free to use these to do blog entries, status updates, whatever. They’ll tend toward being Christmas-centric. If your traditions follow another path, improvise 🙂

1. Favorite scene in a holiday movie

2. Favorite seasonal main dish

3. Are you a “Santa hat” kind of person?

4. When did you find out The Truth?

5. What was your favorite Santa-related tradition as a kid?

6. What makes you Grinchy?

7. Favorite seasonal story or book

8. Favorite seasonal dessert or treat (other than cookies)

9. Have you ever taken a Christmas trip?

10. Tradition you did/would put an end to

11. Ethnic traditions, celebrations, foods, etc.

12. Favorite Christmas cookies

13. Do you collect anything Christmasy (ornaments, Santas, snowmen, etc.)?

14. What’s your stance on SNOW? Love it? Hate it? It’s fine between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Never seen it?

15. Strangest holiday get-together

16. Who’s the weird relative who comes around for the holidays? (If you don’t have answer, it may be you)

17. What’s your shopping list like? What’s your shopping approach?

18. Favorite year-end donations/charities

19. What’s the tangible gift you’d love to get?

20. Who would you like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with?

21. Favorite Christmas decoration?

22. Tree trimming approach?

23. Weirdest gift? Best gift?

24. If you could give someone the gift of an experience, what would it be and who would get it?

25. What’s the holiday TV special you most look forward to seeing?

26. Boxing day: what’s your tradition, if any?

27. Why is Santa such a jerk in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?”

28.Something you associate with Christmas that other people may not

29. Sum up 2010 in five words or less.

30. Lamest New Year’s Eve? Best New Year’s Eve?

31. Create a motto for 2011.