31 Things in December: Why is Santa such a jerk in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?”

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Tuesday night was the annual viewing of “Rudolph” on CBS.

It’s a classic, for sure, but there’s always been one part of the cartoon that’s bothered me — why is Santa such a jerk?

Kids grow to know Santa as a jolly, happy man who sees good in all. Santa’s smile has a twinkle as bright as a snowflake, yet the “Rudolph” creators established Santa to be a mean-spirited bigot.

He yells at his wife, he is never pleased with the elves and he didn’t care for Rudolph initially.

It seems, though, fans are unaffected by his grouchiness and stark difference from the Santa we’ve all grown to know. Heck, even his hair color differs from the stereotypical image of Santa.

His attitude doesn’t affect my love of the show. “Rudolph” is a classic and tells a story much deeper than Santa’s personality.

I’ve always believed the program showed how those who aren’t considered “normal” can overcome obstacles and be leaders. It’s a story every child should hear and practice. Children are taught to respect one another, but we all know there are kids who are teased and those who do the teasing.

Rudolph overcame those obstacles and the bullying and was able to see his importance. Even Santa saw how important Rudolph was to his mission.

The timeless classic seems to never lose its meaning.


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    haha! Nice! I figured it was timely since it just aired! I also wrote about Christmas collections (I collect Lemax Christmas village buildings).

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